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Titty Bitty™

Titty Bitty™ sold exclusively by Pink Jewel Daisy is a reiki-blessed crystal. Sold in sets of 3, intuitively selected with themed intentions. They're crystals for the TaTas, infused with vibes to shift your personal energy field.

Included is entry to the private Facebook group, ReVibe, with weekly vibe revivals to retune bitties so they sing their sweet tune for you.

Rebel without a bra? Tucking the titty bitties in a pocket works well too.


Ways to prevent bitties from flying out of the bra:

~Wear a bra that fits snugly enough that gaps don't occur.

~Place inside the bralette's interior cutout where the cup insert lays.

~ Remember to remove bitties before unclasping the bra or bralette.

Ways to wash sweaty bitties: rinse in cool water and dry with soft cloth.

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Jewel deliveries are one-way trips. 
If you don't feel a connection with the crystal, maybe it's meant for someone else. 
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