Picture Book
Blue Hissy Highness and the Shiny Stones

With forgiveness and acceptance, magic can happen!

Blue Hissy Highness royally changes the weather with her hissy mood when she's told she can't bask in the sun with the other chuckwallas. She doesn't look like they do with her bright bands of blue! But when a crystal-loving stranger shows up in the canyon, magic happens.

Starring Blue Hissy Highness, Clear Quartz crystal, and Rose Quartz crystal with special appearances by Desert Big Horn, Great Blue Heron, and the wallas.

Baby Chuckwalla in the Wild

Photo by Kathleen Wood, Raft Pilot and Narrator of the Black Canyon on Lake Mohave in Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

love to bask in the sun and eat vegetation. When wallas get scared, they scurry between rocks, take a big gulp of air, and inflate themselves so they're wedged into a crevice where they can stay, tucked safe in the rocks they love. 

 Blue Hissy Highness, Chuckwallas typically blend in with the desert 
landscape. Their skin and bands are camouflaged among the hard rock 

Chuckwallas love basking in the sun

"Tuff" describes the hard, volcanic rock, found along the Black Canyon of Lake Mohave of the mighty Colorado River.

Chuckwallas are members of the Iguana family.

Mommy wallas lay an average of 6 eggs at at time, called a Clutch. 

The Black Canyon

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron flying the Black Canyon on the Colorado River. This bird is a spiritual symbol for following your own path and symbolizes self-determination.
Photo Credit: Kathleen Wood, Personal Collection

Big Horn Sheep

Big Horn Sheep

Big Horn overlooking Willow Beach Marina. Big Horn can be a spiritual symbol for taking action toward new beginnings. The Big Horn in the center with the long, circular horns is a Male.
Photo Credit: Julie Taylor, Personal Collection

Desert Bluebell

Desert Bluebell

Funnel shaped flower with blue leaves found in the Mojave Desert.  Fun Fact: The Desert Bluebell is the fictional cause of Blue Hissy Highness turning blue. 
Adobe Stock Photo

Desert Varnish

Desert Varnish

On the surface of the rock walls, the minerals manganese and iron varnish the walls. As mineral varnish becomes scratched and weathered against the rock, streaking occurs and oxidizing of the manganese turns the mineral red-to-blackish in color. 
Photo Credit: Kathleen Wood, Personal Collection

The Black Canyon

The Black Canyon

The area is rich with rocks of three major types: Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic. This suggests volcanic activity helped shape the canyon. Mineral varieties, shaping of the canyon, and nature-carved terrain tell a story of how water moved to give the mountains and mighty Colorado River starring roles in the Black Canyon.
Photo Credit: Rod Taylor, Personal Collection


Lake Mohave

The Black Canyon is in the northern tip of Lake Mohave. it's often referred to as Mohave and the Colorado River, interchangeably. This is because, It's a man-made lake fed by the river. In 1951, this portion of the Colorado became a lake upon the completion of the Davis Dam, that's approximately 67 miles south of Hoover Dam. It is named Lake Mohave, after the Mojave Indians. Notice the difference in spelling? That's another interesting story for later.
Photo Credit: Rod Taylor, Personal Collection

Quartz Crystal

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals found in Mother Earth. Quartz crystal is made of silicon dioxide, which is silicon and oxygen. Quartz crystal amplifies energy and vibrates at a certain, consistent frequency.

When Quartz grows crystals in certain areas with other minerals, Mother Earth gives us more crystals. Crystals in Blue Hissy Highness and the Shiny Stones are from the Quartz Family of crystals.

Clear Quartz is pure silicon dioxide without any other minerals or colors.

Crystals In The Book

Readers can find Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Amethyst on the cover and in the pages of the book.

Clear Quartz is pure silicon dioxide without any other minerals or colors.

Rose Quartz is a pink crystal made with the quartz mineral and mineral fibers that show pink in various hues.

Smoky Quartz is a brownish crystal made when quartz mineral and small amounts of aluminum mingle.

Amethyst is a purple crystal made when quartz mineral and small amounts of iron mingle.

Colors In the Book

Colors have their own frequency, their own vibration.

Blue is about communication and using your voice, and Jewel Daisy intentionally used the color blue to share the subtle vibrational frequency for using your voice.  

On the last page of the book, if you look at the rainbow of colors in the sunset, you’ll see Jewel Daisy intentionally chose colors that align with the body’s rainbow of chakra colors: purple, dark blue, lighter blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.

Below the rainbow sunset, there are earth colors, with their subtle vibrations, that help our body’s rainbow connect to Earth’s grounding, feel-good vibes.

Thank you to everyone who connected with Blue Hissy Highness and bought the book. The second edition, now on Amazon, is resized to 8.5x8.5 and includes four real-life photos from the Black Canyon.