Goldilocks and the Three Vibes

Ways to Sustain Healthy High VibesI roll like goldilocks with my MOMOs, aka moods and emotions. She wanted her bed not too hard, not too soft, but just right. I want my MOMOs not too low, not too high, but just right.

If the MOMO spectrum goes from the lowest of lows up to the highest of highs, how do we know where the sweet spot is? Ya know, that sweet spot where you’re vibe’n along with a pretty good mood, you find life mostly easy to navigate, not too many asshats harshing your vibe, and the crap-on-a-cracker things that happen aren’t able to plummet your vibe to the bottom of the MOMO barrel where the lowest, densest vibes hang out. At least, not long enough to get stuck down there.

My sweet spot is the upper two-thirds of the MOMO spectrum.

There’s times when I want the highest of high vibes, like when I want to connect with spirit, when I’m on a deadline, or have a special project that needs a bright, high-intensity, energetic frequency. But staying in a vibe that high for too long, and I start to feel spacey, and my productivity begins to waiver.

On the other end of the spectrum are the lowest of low, dark, dense vibes. I’ve learned to not run away from those before I’ve dealt with the root of the moody blues. But if I feel stuck in the low vibes too long, I feel the Yuck-and-Stuck. Things move in slow-mo, nothing seems to go my way, energy level zero, and it gets harder and harder to see a way to a higher vibe.

That’s when I start taking steps to raise my vibe, sometimes with a little help from my friends. But I don’t take my vibe all the way up to the top, well, not unless the magical music of Stevie Nicks or John Cougar enter my energy field, but humor aside, I strive for somewhere in my sweet spot. A healthy, happy, sustainable place somewhere in the upper two-thirds of the vibe spectrum.

Not too high, not too low, but just right. Or more accurately, not too high or too low for too long. That feels right to me.

 Bright Blessings, Jewel Daisy

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