Why I Use a Pen Name

Nom de Plume is french for pen name, picture of peacock with feathers

I've been asked several times, "why do you use Jewel Daisy?"

Here's the 411. 

Nora Roberts has been my favorite author since I was a teen. She writes as Nora, but she also writes using the pseudonym J.D. Robb. Pseudonym is the 50-cent word for pen name. 

Then there's the fun-factor of using a name that has a story tucked inside it. 

That's why I use a pen name. But there's more to the story on why I chose the name I did.

My given name is Julie and I like shiny stones, aka crystals, and I often call crystals, Jewels. So there's that. Next, I love flowers, and daisies are my favorite. When I put them together, I loved the sparkly floral vibe of Jewel Daisy.

But Jewel Daisy wasn't actually the first name that came to mind when I was pondering names. At first, I landed on Ruby Fair. Ruby, named after my maternal grandmother. She was Vivacious with a capital V and full of sass. And Fair, after my surname, because I liked the sense of having my ancestral spirits along for the trip. But it was not to be. 

We live in a world with domain names and email addresses, and I needed a name not already in use. I needed something different but I still wanted something with meaning.

So, I chose Jewel Daisy as my Nom de Plume. I love pronouncing that, Nom de Plume, which is a French phrase for pen name. Nom, meaning name. And Plume meaning quill, as in a feather used as a pen.

So, Hello There, it’s nice to meet you.

My Nom de Plume is Jewel Daisy. 

Bright Blessings <3

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