Springing Into Spring with Full Moon Vibes

Gem Water with Amethyst and Clear Quartz

Oy vey, full moon pulls me and my MOMOs into its ebb and flow like the tides of the ocean. No wonder when the ocean moves with the rhythm of the moon and the human body is made of so much water itself.

Leaning into the ebb-and-flow of Full Moon’s light language relaxes all of my pulse points while magically energizing my spirit. And the duet of moving in sync with Mother Earth’s primo performance never fails to delight.

I’m a Carb Queen in a donut shop when full moon is the opening act for Spring Equinox and Mother Earth’s revival band. Beatles start singing, “little darling, it’s been a long, cold lonely winter,” and I feel the tap dance of spirits around me, as eager as I am, to mingle with the magic of Spring.

March’s full moon hits peak at 3:18 AM, EST on March 18, but it’s no less potent in the day leading up and after. And because I love the energy boosts, I’m gonna start Thursday night setting out water and crystals to soak up moon vibes and prep gem water.

If you’re gonna try gem water yourself, make sure not to use toxic crystals. Here's a pic of my gem water as I post my blog, Amethyst and Clear Quartz stones. Vibey goodness from Mother Earth.

Hibiscus Moon, who I got certified from, has lots and lots of info about all-things crystals. Here’s a post about toxic crystals with a list.


Friday night, I’ll do my Full Moon ritual, followed by an altar on Saturday, which is when I’ll be celebrating my nighttime ritual for Spring Equinox. Lots of meditation under the moon and, of course, with my crystals. I’ll write down what I want to release to make room for what I wanta grow more of. I burn what’s to be released from the past and plant what I wanta grow in the future. And always, always saying my thanks to God, angels, and spirits for all the gifts I have in the now. 

I’ve a passion for crystals and reiki and connecting with others whose light’s meant to connect with mine. Sharing Titty Bitties™ and Nutty Buddies™ infused with my reiki blessings is part of that. I had originally planned to release them in January, then it was February, but spirits kept telling me, “not yet.” But I feel Yet is about to happen. I’m picking up the print proof today for the guide for the bitties and buddies. I called it the Jewel Loop, as in, staying in the loop with Jewel Daisy. Can you tell I like themes? LOL

Many blessings and healing vibes for Full Moon and Spring Equinox.

Bright Blessings,

Jewel Daisy

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